A well stocked library and reading room is an important asset of our school. We are hopeful that it will encourage our students a love for reading good books.

Computer Education & Smart Classes

To be in tune with the modern and fast changing scientific world our students have additional benefits of computer education and smart classes, which have their alloted periods.

Science Laboratories

There are well - equipped Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry & Biology to provide the students with practical knowledge and arouse their scientific curiosity.

Playgrounds for Sports

Childrens must be fit for achieving maximum benefit from education. Physical training has its allotted time and is conducted by qualified instructors. Games and Sports competitions are held among four houses - Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz - every year as per schedule decided by the school.


School buses are available for conveyance. Bus - fare shall be paid along with the tution fee.